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Our History

Peter and Mary Fell

Family Owned, Family Operated, and Proudly Kiwi

To Peter and Mary it seems like only a blink of the eye, but it was actually in 1991 that Peter went out to his back shed in Point Chevalier and started playing around with a few messy bags of iron oxide. When they started the business, it was just the two of them, in a recession, packing, invoicing, accounting and selling - everything, and Mary had a second job keeping the household afloat as well! Their kids Shannon and Brennan grew up with colour and a school-boy Brennan famously served customers who showed up at the house while Peter was being rushed to Hospital with a heart attack in 1992.

In spite of three recessions and a triple bypass, from all Peter and Mary's hard work, we have now grown into a well known brand, eleven staff, a purpose built showroom, and an ever expanding number of product lines. And we have no plans to rest on our laurels.


Brennan is now our Technical Manager, and his wife Leigh is one of the customer service team along with Preeta Devi who joined in 2006. More recently joining our CS team is Janine Melvin. Most phone calls are answered by Preeta and Janine, with any overflow usually taken by Leigh or Lynne. We always have someone available to answer the more technical questions.

Production is taken care of by Darcy, Michael (Mary's brother), Highway (Darcy's brother!), William & Paul. These guys are fiercely proud of their record of making very few mistakes and our QA systems set the standard.

Completing the office team is Lynne Northcroft, accountant extraordinaire who sets up and manages most of the systems we use to ensure the best QA and Invoicing results.

Sales and marketing duties are shared three very experienced and passionate staff.

  • Our Wellington based National Sales Manager Barbara Comeskey previously worked for our supplier Lanxess and who knows colour inside and out;
  • Michael Ross joined our Auckland team in 2013 and has over 20 years servicing the construction industry following an early career with Firth;
  • General Manager Cameron Greig, who has been involved in the concrete and construction industry for 20 years.


We are very fortunate to have a very stable team with a number of longstanding employees - no one has left for a very long time, and it means we know our customers very well, we make very few mistakes, and enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We aim to create the best products we can that suit the tough environments found in this wonderful country of ours.

The company culture reflects Peter and Mary's own and the demands of our clients - quality and service second to none.