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Is the colour permanent?

Yes it is, but it does need some help to ensure it's appearance will last a lifetime.

Iron oxide pigments from Bayferrox

The iron oxide pigments we use for our colours are sourced from Bayferrox and so are of the highest quality and have the highest light fastness values of any iron oxide materials available in the world - even under NZ's harsh UV conditions.

The colours don't really fade as other materials do, iron oxides are extremely colour stable, and any slight fading that will occur would be barely noticeable in a human generation. Shown below is 25 year age test from the Bayferrox factory in Germany - the wall panels were left exposed to the elements, and the small panels in front were stored out of the weather.

The concrete can age however and often gets darker as it does, unless a sealer is used.

Protect your colour with one of our high quality sealers

Concrete is a porous material with a rough surface that can be come the victim of stains, dirt, biological growth, etc. So to ensure the colour you see is preserved, the concrete must be sealed. We have a range of Concrete Sealers for most environments

Sealing protects concrete from darkening from dirt, grime and stains, and also reduces moisture transfer which can bring efflorescence on to the surface. Efflorescence is when calcium and silicate salts are brought to the surface of the concrete through the wet-drying cycle which can whiten or lighten the surface (Note: This can be easily removed with PFL Surface Preparation). For these reasons, people sometimes think coloured concrete has faded or changed, when in fact it hasn't. It has just become dirty or has white build up from efflorescence.

What this means for the owner is that some maintenance is required - the surface should be cleaned from time to time, and the sealer should be reapplied when required, typically 3-5 years.