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SuperBlack - PFL699

PFL699 SuperBlack Concrete Black

Heeding the call from designers that they want the darkest shades possible for concrete, Peter Fell Ltd created PFL699, aka SuperBlack.

The colour comes from a strong dose of a very special raw material providing a very rich, dense and dark colour perfect for many different situations.

Using a new source of colour, this black is the darkest black that concrete can go while still maintaining durability and longevity of colour for long into the future. It has proven very popular in a wide variety of applications from drives to precast, benchtops to patios.

As with all concrete the shade is enhanced with the use of sealers, and these are shown clearly in the picture above; on the left the PFL Acrylic Sealer and on the right the PFL Glaze Sealer. The middle section is the unsealed concrete. As with all our colours the colour is permanent, but the colour must be protected with a sealer to minimise staining risk and to reduce efflorescence which can give a whitening effect.

If you want a sample like the one shown, please contact us and we can send you a disc.

Superblack has been used a number of striking projects.

1. Resurfacing a bar in Takapuna

2. Patio with contrasting white grout colour

Peter Fell SuperBlack 699 coloured concrete

3. House Floor (Z House by Glamuzina Paterson Architects)

Z house Glamuzina Paterson Peter Fell Super Black 699

4. MacDonalds Drive-through, Gore

McDonalds Drive through Superblack concrete

5. The Rumpus Room Early Learning Centre, Internal Suspended Floor

SuperBlack Peter Fell The Rumpus Room Early Learning Point Chevalier

6. Cast in-situ stairs at the Imperial by Fearon Hay