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Design your perfect concrete finish

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Unique Streetscapes at Freedom Villages Papamoa

Freedom Villages new complex in Papamoa features one of our...

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Green concrete tennis court, and coloured basketball court too

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Coloured Concrete & C2 perfect for the toughest environment: childcare centres!

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Aro-Ha Wellness Retreat in Glenorchy by Tennant Brown

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At Garrison Bar, 350 sq m of tiles replaced with concrete - in three days!

The tiles at Garrison Bar were spalled and chipped and proving not...

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Unique Precast in Dunedin

Hiding around the corner at the new Dunedin South Countdown designed...

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40mm Topping plus Courtyard for new Bar in Takapuna

Our premium SuperBlack (PFL Special Colour 699) was used for both...

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Soljans Winery, Kumeu

Soljans winery is a West Auckland succes story. From...

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Waipukerau New World Supermarket

The second New World Floor to feature Peter Fell Colour Client:...

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Wairakei Golf Club, Taupo

Client: Wairakei International Golf Course Architect: Rosetta Stone...

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Euro Restaurant, Auckland

Client: Euro Bar, Nourish Group Architect: Tom Skyring Main...

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Greenmeadows New World Supermarket, Napier

Where are the sawcuts? There aren't any! Following a fact finding...

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Delamore Lodge, Waiheke

"Inspired by hours spent on the land, the timeless romance of...

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Amisfield Wine Company by Warren & Mahoney

When winning the 2004 NZIA awards for Best Hospitality/Tourism...


Coloured concrete is perfect for commercial interiors. It combines beauty with unmatched durability together with the ability to create something absolutely unique for the space.

We have supplied many projects including four New World Supermarkets as well as restaurants, bars, and shops nationwide.

Take the time to review the Case Studies at the bottom of the page.


Pinterest? Yes, many Commercial flooring project ideas are on Pinterest:

Cost? Typical cost for a new floor is around $75 per square metre - over and above the cost of a plain gray concrete floor - for a coloured, cut, grouted and sealed area, . This will vary of course but that is a good figure for your budget.

Why Concrete? Durable, beautiful, cost effective and unique - see the steps at right to discover more.

How does colour work? We use a liquid system with a high dose of Bayferrox iron oxide pigments ensuring the richest, most consistent, and durable colour on the market - don't be fooled by cheaper imitations.

Will it fade? See our full discussion on why your coloured concrete should last for generations

Protect concrete during construction/landscaping? Concrete is a porous substrate, meaning it is easily stained and marked. As the coloured concrete will be the final surface, it must be properly protected from staining and marking during construction and landscaping. Also, as the floor needs to be properly cured before sealing (at least 28 days after laying) it is recommended that concrete must be protected with polythene during any construction or landscaping. However, the polythene must also be removed at least one week, preferably much longer, prior to sealing to allow the concrete to dry completely.