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Design your perfect concrete finish

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Your home will be far more comfortable with a concrete floor. It soaks up heat during the day and radiates heat during the evening - and with only a little maintenance it will last for generations. It combines beauty and durability together with the ability to create something absolutely unique for your space.

Powerfloat finished or honed/ground polished?

The first choice to make is whether to grind the floor or leave as power float finished.

Power float concrete floor

Powerfloat finished floors

As can be seen at left the surface has a natural patina or mottliness which adds a natural look and feel to the space. Power floated floors are generally a little cheaper than honed floors.

But, in the event of surface marks or contamination or cracks, these can't be hidden and will need to be lived with. It is possible to choose a power float finish but if there are any problems, to hone/grind later.

Honed ground polished concrete terracotta floor

Honed/ground/polished floors

This involves a grinding contractor coming and removing the top surface of the floor with a grinder. When choosing this finish you must select:

  1. Stone (shape, size and colour)(check with your local concrete company what is available)
  2. Colour (one of ours)
  3. Depth of grind (salt and pepper, light, medium, heavy)
  4. How smooth (ie how glossy - high gloss is more expensive)

If any cracks are present they can be filled with a special compound during the first grind, hiding the shadow lines and much reducing their visibility.

The appearance can be busier than Power Float finish

Why should I use concrete for my floor?

Thermal efficiency means more comfort with reduced bills
Concrete absorbs heat during the day, and then releases that heat when the ambient temperature drops at night. This limits the temperature extremes inside the house making for a more comfortable living environment, with less need for heating or cooling, saving money.

To achieve this, some thought is required for the design as the concrete requires north facing double glazed windows and good insulation to retain the gained energy. We highly recommend reading the Designing Comfortable Homes booklet produced by CCANZ which is designed to fully inform both consumer and designer alike.

The house at left absolutely exceeded the owners expectations for warmth and you can read the owners story in our Case Study

Cost effectiveness
Coloured concrete offers the most cost effective flooring solution

Well designed and well placed concrete offers exceptional durability - concrete is after all liquid rock.

Health and Allergies
The use of concrete can also contribute to improved occupant health and allergy management as there is no environment for organisms to live in, as there is with carpet.


Pinterest? Yes, hundreds of flooring project ideas are on Pinterest:

Cost? Typical cost for a new floor is around $60 per square metre - over and above the cost of a plain grey concrete floor - for a coloured, cut, grouted and sealed area. This will vary of course but that is a good figure for your budget. Grinding will add more cost $50-100 depending on the type of grind and sealing system.

How does colour work? We use a liquid system with a high dose of Bayferrox iron oxide pigments ensuring the richest, most consistent, and durable colour on the market - don't be fooled by cheaper imitations.

Will it fade? See our full discussion on why your coloured concrete should last for generations

Protect concrete during construction/landscaping? Concrete is porous, meaning it is easily stained and marked. As the coloured concrete will be the final surface, it must be properly protected from staining risks during construction.