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Design your perfect concrete finish

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Public Spaces

The PeterFell System has been used extensively in public spaces due to it's competitive cost, endless design options and unmatched durability. It combines beauty and wear resistance together with the ability to create something absolutely unique for the public environment - at a very reasonable cost. And with only a little maintenance it will last for generations.

For some fantatstic example of great public space design see the case studies at the bottom of the page.


Pinterest? Yes, many public space project ideas are on Pinterest at

Cost? Typical cost is around $100 per square metre for a coloured, cut, grouted and sealed area. This will vary of course depending on size, access, any removal of existing areas, etc

Slip resistance? Your contractor should ensure that the surface is sufficiently textured so there is no slip risk. If you are particularly concerned choose one of the textured or slightly textured options.

Why Concrete? Durable, beautiful, cost effective and unique - see the steps at right to discover more.

How does colour work? We use a liquid system with a high dose of Bayferrox iron oxide pigments ensuring the richest, most consistent, and durable colour on the market - don't be fooled by cheaper imitations.

Will it fade? See our full discussion on why your coloured concrete should last for generations

Protect concrete during construction/landscaping? Concrete is a porous substrate, meaning it is easily stained and marked. As the coloured concrete will be the final surface, it must be properly protected from staining and marking during construction and landscaping. Also, as the surface needs to be properly cured before sealing (at least 28 days after laying) it is recommended that concrete must be protected with polythene during any construction or landscaping. However, the polythene must also be removed at least one week, preferably much longer, prior to sealing to allow the concrete to dry completely.