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Coatesville House by Masonry Design Solutions

Tropical plants, sun loungers and a lanai-style outdoor room reinforce the resort ambience of this house designed by Masonry Design Solutions and built by Glover Developments.

The open pavilion-style architecture that helps make a Balinese resort holiday so memorable is well suited to our laid-back New Zealand lifestyle. But it does need to be specifically tailored to suit our climate and conditions.

For this project, designed by Mark Wilson of Masonry Design Solutions, the masonry construction helped achieve a sense of solidity and permanence. "It reinforces the concept of a high-end boutique resort hotel," Wilson says. "Other design features that contribute to this look include the open, lanai-style living area, and wide openings to the outdoors."

The attention to detail is reflected in the construction. Glover Developments, a specialist builder of high-end houses, was contracted to build the house. Wilson says the company was chosen for its extensive experience in both masonry and timber-framed construction.

"In a project such as this, the quality of the construction and the finishing makes the difference. Every feature was custom built - a job that required ingenuity as well as skilled craftsmanship and appreciation of the architectural style."

The landscaping also helped determine the tropical feel. Landscape architect Robin Shafer of Shafer Design was contracted to design a pool and garden that would be in keeping with the theme.

"The landscape is an integral part of the house, and Shafer Design has ensured the Balinese influence remains, while providing a planting scheme that fits with the climate and conditions," says Wilson.

Peter Fell Coloured Concrete was specified for many of the outdoor living areas and the pool surround.

"Using Peter Fell Coloured Concrete made it easier to create the large modules we required," Wilson says. "The concrete was laid to resemble elongated flagstones, which provides the size and scale needed to balance the architectural features."

The designer says the coloured concrete was also specified for its durability. As the colour is an integral part of the concrete, it can't chip off or wear away. Peter Fell Coloured Concrete comes in a wide range of colours, including terracottas, sandstones and earthy tones. This project features colour No 155 - a subtle grey-brown tone.

Designer: Masonry Design Solutions, phone 09 448 1101,
Builder: Glover Developments, phone 09 447 1001.
Landscape architect: Shafer Design, phone 09 420 4412,
Concrete Subcontractor: PMG Concrete, phone 09 361 5833.

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