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Coloured Concrete & C2 perfect for the toughest environment: childcare centres!

The Rumpus Room Waterview recently opened and features concrete throughout, both inside and outside. Concrete is perfect for childcare centres as it is cost effective, tough and adds a great aesthetic.

Inside the new C2 flooring system from Peter Fell was used on a salt and pepper honed concrete floor featuring Peter Fell colour 678. This is a mid-gray that together with the random speckle of stone from the grind means it hides a lot of the mess made by active kids prior to the nightly clean. Kids spend most of their day on the floor so it is imperative the floor is tough, low maintenance, easy to clean and looks great. This specification ticks all those boxes.

Outside PFL182 is used, a creamy light brown tone that suits the Black-White paint and Ironsand cladding, and the surrounds. An important feature of the centre is the bike track and the concrete allows for the curves and hills on this.

The carpark features colour 642, powerfloat finished and wet cured for a week to maximise durability. Colour 642 is a dark gray that will minimise tyremarks and oil spills and again lifts the appearance above the utilitarian. Concrete carparks provide for a much more stable and long lasting finish than asphalt and will remain the same for years - the upfront cost is marginally more than asphalt but the maintenance on concrete is zero, the colour won't fade and the it won't ever need a recoat. It's very surprising to us that more carparks aren't done in concrete.

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