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Days Bay House by Bevan Slessor Architects

Suspended and coloured floor which maximises the thermal, aesthetic and durabililty benefits of concrete.

Architect: Ric Slessor at Bevin Slessor Architects Ltd
Contractor: Scott Tindle SMT Building Ltd
Concrete Supplier: Allied Concrete

Located on a steep site, with a stream running through the centre of the site and with commanding views north across the bay, this house nestles into the hill with its beech tree canopy, while opening out to the light and views.

A key feature of the house is the coloured concrete floor, half of which is slab on grade and unusually the other half suspended as shown in the gallery.

The floor was constructed utilising the Interspan flooring system from Stresscrete, topped with 50mm polystyrene, then the concrete topping. The floor absorbs and keeps the heat available from the north facing site, while providing the striking aesthetic you can see above

Cracking is always a potential risk with suspended concrete floors and this must be most watched above beams where there is a hogging moment. What typically happens, as in this case, is that the walls are positioned over the beams and a sawcut is added that runs within any door frames.

The architect Ric Slessor was very pleased with the outcome. He says "The concrete floor was insulated below, so worked effectively as a heat store. The colouring gave the concrete a dark rich patina which worked well with the overall pallet of simple legible materials."

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