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Euro Restaurant, Auckland

Client: Euro Bar, Nourish Group

Architect: Tom Skyring
Main Contractor: Vision Interiors
Plastering Contractor: Colin Mackenzie Plastering Limited
Concrete Grinding: Doug Lillicrap, West City Services

The challenge for this project was to replicate the existing floor that was installed 10 years ago using our colours in conjunction with some McCallums chip - no-one could remember quite what the colours were. The answer lay in grinding back the sealer from the original floor and then comparing the colours with some trial colours made.

The colours were mixed into a secret plaster mix by Colin Mackenzies crew and trowelled in between the metal lined hardwood strips . Following this the concrete was ground then sealed with PFL Epoxy selaer which will have the durability for this environment.

A great example of using our colours and being able to match them many years later.

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