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Kimi Ora Community School

Pollen Workshop is a small Landscape Architecture studio located in Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay. Landscape Architect and Director, William Murphy works on an array of projects including residential, educational and environmental design.

In this latest project, Peter Fell Ltd helped to realise an idea through the use of coloured concrete.

Pollen Workshop was commissioned to design a pedestrian entranceway that stopped children using the carpark as an entry/exit to Kimi Ora Community School.

The brief was to provide a pathway for children that inspired imagination whilst ensuring the separation of vehicles and the pedestrians.

"We wanted to create something vibrant and exciting for the children. Colour was a really important part of portraying our metaphor as it helped invite imagination and tell a story"

The design is based around stories and symbols of the school, notably the metaphor surrounding the old course of the Ngaruroro River, which once flowed through what is now Flaxmere Avenue

The Ngaruroro River is the vein of the design, in which three separate pours of the Peter Fell Coloured Concrete was used.
This included Cobalt Blue Oxide to represent the artisan water. Peter Fell colour #156 was used to represent the limestone and Peter Fell colour #621 to represent the riverstones on the river bank.

The native species once found on the fertile Heretaunga plains gracefully meanders and intertwines with the Peter Fell Coloured Concrete.

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