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Sealers for domestic wet areas, moisture and slip

We are often are asked if our sealers can be used in bathrooms. The sections in the building code that covers this area are section D1 "Access routes and section "E3 "Internal Moisture"

D1 clause 1.3.3 (d) requires that all access routes shall have adequate slip-resistant walking surfaces under all conditions of normal use. Under the building code an 'access route' is defined as "a continuous route that permits people and goods to move between the apron or construction edge of the building to spaces within a building and between spaces within a building". A passage or stairway in a house would therefore be an access route but the bathroom in a house is unlikely to be an access route and therefore would not be the subject to the D1.3.3(d) requirement.

E3 clause 3.1.1 (c) covers requirements for floors in areas where there will be water splash they advise ... "concrete having a steel trowel or polished finish (semi-gloss or gloss paint must be used if a paint finish is required)". The requirement is for the floor to be impervious to water (definition given"not allow the passage of moisture") and be easily cleaned.

Therefore our interpretation is that PFL Glaze, PFL Satin, PFL Epoxy and PFL Acrylic will meet clause E3 3.1.1 requirements.

E3 clause 3.3.1 covers showers and urinals. The code covers design for waterproofing shower areas (ie under the shower rose). It gives descriptive designs covering tiles and shower trays. NO PFL sealer will meet the requirement of waterproofing in the area covered under clause 3.3.1

This information is PFL interpretation of the building code only and all information is given in good faith.

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