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Wheeler House - Rotorua

Glencoe Construction is local Rotorua house building company who have built a number of houses with concrete floors. Bob Wheeler is the owner and when he built his own house, he knew what he wanted!

On entering the house the immediate impression is that you have entered a home, not just a house. Visually the welcome is warm and there is a great holistic sense to the interiors - it all works together beautifully. The floor is coloured with our colour 224 from the Sandstone range and it sets the tone for the rest of the colour scheme. In an era when there are so much gray and monchromatic schemes this one sets itself apart.

We always advise clients that concrete floors will have a natural character, a mottle, a natural patina which is hardto predict - in this case it is quite strong, but adds to the natural pallette used.

Bob and his wife love their floor and it is a great example of what concrete can contribute to an interior.

Glencoe Construction, Rotorua,

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