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Case Study

Mission Bay Pavilion

Herbst Architects have teamed up with Katie Lockhart Studio to custom...

Case Study

Clevedon Pool

Designed by Buka Woods at Blossoms, Branches & Bricks Ltd, this...

Case Study

Grey Lynn WOW

Bannan Construction using Peter Fell Oxide have done a brilliant job...

Case Study

Coatesville Driveway

What dream driveways are made of! Nearly 1000m3 of PeterFell White...

Case Study

The Mayfair Building, Christchurch

With so much of Christchurch's heritage devastated by the 2011...

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News & Case Studies

Case Study

Tiverton Reserve - truly great concrete design

Designing in concrete should draw on five inputs; shape, texture, colour, cuts and a sealer. All five of these have been used to great combined effect in the simply marvallous new reserve on Tiverton St in Auckland. We especially like the use of placed pebbles which is not common but adds a wonderful texture. Landscape Architects: Isthmus Group, Auckland... Read More »

Case Study

Linear precast in Timaru

This prominent site in Timaru deserved a prominent building and local Architect David McBride hase created just that. The design of the precast panel is of course our favourite part and utilises one of our Charcoal range together with a wonderful linear pattern that is repeated in some of the timber panelling below to bring it all together. David is a big fan of concrete and has utilised our... Read More »

Case Study

Coloured Concrete & C2 perfect for the toughest environment: childcare centres!

The Rumpus Room Waterview recently opened and features concrete throughout, both inside and outside. Concrete is perfect for childcare centres as it is cost effective, tough and adds a great aesthetic. Inside the new C2 flooring system from Peter Fell was used on a salt and pepper honed concrete floor featuring Peter Fell colour 678. This is a mid-gray that together with the random speckle of... Read More »


Peter Fell very proud to help out on Marae DIY

We were delighted to make a contribution to the refurbishment of Ohine Waiapu Marae in Rangitukia, East Coast, with some of our blue oxide. It's not often blue is seen on a marae, but the pattern is significant to the whanau because it mirrors some of the whakairo (carvings) that are in the wharenui. You can watch the whole story on Marae DIY, TV3 on Demand.... Read More »


Sealers for domestic wet areas, moisture and slip

We are often are asked if our sealers can be used in bathrooms. The sections in the building code that covers this area are section D1 "Access routes and section "E3 "Internal Moisture" D1 clause 1.3.3 (d) requires that all access routes shall have adequate slip-resistant walking surfaces under all conditions of normal use. Under the building code an 'access route' is defined as "a continuous... Read More »

Case Study

The Museum Of Waitangi, by Harris Butt Architecture

One of the most special parts of the country deserves a very special building, and the recently opened Museum of Waitangi is just that. Designed by Grant Harris and the team at Harris Butt architecture in Whangarei, much time was spent developing the motif for the precast panels. It's a unique design and as a result the panels are eyecatching and set the scene for a great visitor... Read More »

Case Study

Wheeler House - Rotorua

Glencoe Construction is local Rotorua house building company who have built a number of houses with concrete floors. Bob Wheeler is the owner and when he built his own house, he knew what he wanted! On entering the house the immediate impression is that you have entered a home, not just a house. Visually the welcome is warm and there is a great holistic sense to the interiors - it all works... Read More »

Case Study

Knox Church, Cnristchurch by Wilkie + Bruce architect

The completion of the re-building of Knox Church in Christchurch is significant as it is such a well known building on a very high profile corner and the church shares a history with many local residents. The architects have created a simply beautiful building that will no doubt now share it's future with a great many of these same local residents. Our black oxide was used to colour the panels... Read More »

Case Study

Station R by Ockham Residential

Ockham Devlopments have a very clear design philosophy based on the idea that housing is infrastructure and focus on the long-term outcomes of development rather than just the short-term bottom line. This philosophy ensures that they must 'Be constructed from durable low maintenance materials that age gracefully, and minimise on-going costs.' Architect Martin King of Ockham Residential used a... Read More »

Case Study

Fantastic traditional landscaping project by Lanzspec

This villa project serves as an excellent example of using the five choices available when creating a new space with coloured concrete. Shape, colour, texture, cuts and a sealer all work together to create a magnificent whole. Of particular note is the cut pattern in the circle which is random to excellent effect. The project features colour 155 with PFL GLaze sealer Contractor: Lanzspec... Read More »