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Playing with colour

Backed by 27 years industry experience, Peter Fell is the specialist...

Case Study


PeterFell created this rich, bespoke colour for the Longroom in...


Bay House

Bay House by SGA Architects and Bonham Builders The Bay House has...

Case Study

Remarkables Ski Field Base Building

Curvy Basin and Remarkables Ski Field Base Building PeterFell was...


Tara Iti Clubhouse

Tara Iti Clubhouse - A Hospitality award winner at the 2018...

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News & Case Studies

Case Study

SuperBlack GRC at Carls Junior, Auckland Airport

The new Carls Junior at Auckland Airport has taken advantage of the many benefits of GRC with the sturcture above. With the appearance of concrete but virtually no weight, GRC allows Here the panels were cast on to a rough sawn timber form and the concrete was darkened with PFL699 SuperBlack for a dense solid appearance. Like any concrete GRC will have colour variations and a the mottle that... Read More »

Case Study

Silverdale Shopping Centre by Stiffe Hooker

Continuing a recent trend of utilising concrete for large exterior landscaping (see The Base, and Te Puke), Stiffe Hooker chose a pallet from the Charcoal Range from Peter Fell for the new Silverdale shopping Centre. As we always recommend, a variety of colours textures and sealers were used to create a number of different features - it's a great design.... Read More »


New more affordable blue now available

Designers wanting blue concrete can now specify safely in the knowledge that the cost has come down significantly, following the launch of Peter Fell's new blue oxide. Cost has always been an issue in using blue as traditionally it has been the most expensive colour by far, which usually prohibits its use. However, new technology developed in Europe has created an innovative chemical format... Read More »


The Jasper Stool by Anna Williams - featuring the new Gelato range from Peter Fell

Anna Williams is a very talented industrial design student who is about to graduate from Massey University and the Jasper stool was her final year design project. Anna states: "The Resemble Project is an exploration project based on challenging our ingrained expectations of concrete as a cold, industrial material. It began by researching what attributes we associated with concrete, and what... Read More »


Proof that concrete sealers help with durability

For domestic drives and patios, the usual sales pitch for using a coating type concrete sealer such as our PFL Glaze Sealer is that it adds a lustrous and glossy coating, and minimises staining and dirt ingress. All valid and true, but a third less well known but most important benefit is often over-looked - enhanced durability. Roger Sweetman, Waikato/ BOP Regional Manager for Bridgeman... Read More »

Case Study

Te Puke Walkway Part 2

After the success and popularity of the Te Puke Heritage Walkway and Plaza Redevelopment (featured in a previous case study) it was decided to extend the concept into the local park. Boffa Miskell in Tauranga did the same which was acknowledged as exemplary at the 2013 NZILA Pride of Place Awards.... Read More »

Case Study

Copland house by David Reid Dunedin

The owners love their Peter Fell floor... Read More »

Case Study

Mosgiel Patio with garden cutout

Great design always prevails... Read More »

Case Study

SuperBlack Patio with contrasting white grout - superstyling!

PMG Contractors recently completed this stunning patio with our SuperBlack concrete, colour 699, and to really bring out the darkest shade possible PFL Glaze was used as well. To striking effect, a white grout was used to provide a wonderful contrast to the black concrete and help marry the colours to those used on the exterior of the house.... Read More »

Case Study

Beautiful Precast by Monarc in Royal Oak

Monarc Creative Precast by Nauhria supplied these striking panels for a commercial project in Auckland's Royal Oak. The colour is Tabasco by Naurhia that utilises some specially selected stones in combination with pigments from Peter Fell. The Specification for the red panels are: MONARC 150mm panels Colour: Tabasco 0519 Texture: MONARC Diamond Honed 5000 Detailing: MONARC Grated 0508-08 |... Read More »