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Case Study

Mission Bay Pavilion

Herbst Architects have teamed up with Katie Lockhart Studio to custom...

Case Study

Clevedon Pool

Designed by Buka Woods at Blossoms, Branches & Bricks Ltd, this...

Case Study

Grey Lynn WOW

Bannan Construction using Peter Fell Oxide have done a brilliant job...

Case Study

Coatesville Driveway

What dream driveways are made of! Nearly 1000m3 of PeterFell White...

Case Study

The Mayfair Building, Christchurch

With so much of Christchurch's heritage devastated by the 2011...

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News & Case Studies

Case Study

Okura House

Designed and built by Tony Fraser and his team at House of Nautica, this house has acheived all the owners wanted and more - they love it and were more than happy to allow us to use the pictures. All exterior hard surfacing was done using Peter Fell coloured concrete. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.... Read More »

Case Study

Delamore Lodge, Waiheke

"Inspired by hours spent on the land, the timeless romance of the Mediterranean, and the image of a Maori bone fishhook (matau), local architect Ron Stevenson together with the owner, Roselyn Barnett-Storey, designed a remarkable building that affords breathtaking views, sensuality, and a oneness with its unique environment. Literally moulded into the hillside at Owhanake Bay, each level flows... Read More »

Case Study

Second Nature Garden

One of the most difficult design issues to resolve in this Remuera garden was the sympathetic harmonising of the different elements of timber, glass and concrete. The garden benefits from the borrowed landscape of St Michael's Church, its glowing red brick forming a stunning contrast to the garden's modernist in situ and exposed concrete bones, just as the house, which was also recently... Read More »

Case Study

Coatesville House by Masonry Design Solutions

Tropical plants, sun loungers and a lanai-style outdoor room reinforce the resort ambience of this house designed by Masonry Design Solutions and built by Glover Developments. The open pavilion-style architecture that helps make a Balinese resort holiday so memorable is well suited to our laid-back New Zealand lifestyle. But it does need to be specifically tailored to suit our climate and... Read More »

Case Study

Van Kan House, Titirangi

A labour of love, this house was designed and built by it's owner Anthony van Kan, CAD Manager at Stephenson and Turner. On a site that some called 'unbuildable', Anthony fashioned his dream house and all credit to him - it's absolutely unique and a testament to a great vision. Take the time to really study each picture and enjoy the great detailing. The Egyptian Hieroglyphics were cast into... Read More »

Case Study

Amisfield Wine Company by Warren & Mahoney

When winning the 2004 NZIA awards for Best Hospitality/Tourism project for Warren and Mahoney, the judges said of Amisfield "The massive stone gables and cellar walls of this elegant barn structure forcefully ground the building in its Central Otago landscape making it robust, welcoming timeless and enduring." And it has certainly aged well - we discovered this gem when on holiday and we very... Read More »

Case Study

I am the river, the river is me

Te Ohaaki Marae near Huntly topped off a recent building project with a very special concrete apron and water feature. Builder Mike Hayward of Hayward Builders is a perfectionist and it was a pleasure to work with him to develop a suitable mix and methodology that created a 'river' of honed white concrete, limestone, with blue glass chips and beads running through the black surrounds,... Read More »


Coping free pools

A relatively new development in pool construction is building the pool with the concrete surround continuing over the edge, and replacing the coping. There are pros and cons to this, which this page aims to explain. Most importantly it relies on an experienced contractor with the right knowledge and equipment. The benefits is that to some eyes it results in a cleaner and not so busy appearance,... Read More »

Case Study

Taniwha Concrete - Gore

We've said it before but what we love about our products is the many wonderful and varied things people do with our products. So when we heard about a new concrete Taniwha in Gore, we weren't too surprised! Arne and Jenny Cleland from Pukerau Nurseries, just out of Gore, have long run a design service alongside their nursery business. So when the local school wanted a Taniwha , they got a... Read More »


Pinto Concrete

Pinto is a relatively infrequent problem but one that leaves all parties in a project disappointed. It is a phenomenon that occurs from time to time all over the country, and no cause has been established despite investigations by most major industry players. It happens regardless of concrete company, location, season, cement, admixtures, aggregates, and importantly for us happens in jobs both... Read More »