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The Peter Fell System

Kaitaia Flagstone path

We have created a step-by-step toolbox of options for you to design with, and for your contractor to build with. It is a system using only the best materials to give you the longevity and quality you require.

We are not contractors ourselves but supply the materials you need to create a wonderful space. Plus we can share 20 years worth of experience with those involved in designing and building the project to ensure a good result.

Creating the perfect space for your lifestyle involves five choices. In each of the Inspiration sections Patios & Paths, Floors, Drives, Pools, Walls, Commercial & Public Spaces, you can see what your options are for each of the following steps.

Concrete is a natural and imperfect material and brings a very natural patina when it is used. There will always be variation in the colour and texture and possibly some cracking - for more on this see the 'Things you need to know' tabs for more.


Choose your Design

With concrete you can have any shape you want, and manipulate it however you choose


Choose your Colour

Peter Fell Ltd offers over 80 unique concrete colours.


Choose your Texture

The surface texture is created when the concrete is laid. It is this texture which defines the overall look and feel of the concrete floor.


Choose your Cuts & Grout

Concrete shrinks when it dries so Construction Cuts are made to control where cracking occurs. In the PeterFell System these cuts can augmented with additional Decorative Cuts and coloured Grout to create a wide range of patterns and effects in the concrete.


Choose your Sealer

Concrete Sealers protect the colour from staining and marking, resulting in long term durability and low maintenance surface.

An Introduction to the System

Read an introduction to the PeterFell System and the potential of coloured concrete in our Glossy Brochure

Introductory Video

Our TV Ad from a few years back