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C2 Public


A performance enhancing sealer for public spaces that:

  • hardens, dustproofs & protects from abrasion, moisture intrusion and chloride salts
  • low applied price as it is a cost effective product and fast to apply - a single coat application with sprayer or roller
  • in service after 24 hours
  • not a coating so will not wear
  • is water based - so no application limitations
  • no change to surface appearance


Simply state "C2 Public applied as per manufacturers instructions"

How does it work?

Utilises two products mixed together:

C2 Hard + C2 Salt Hard Plus = Increased Protection
Lithium silicate based densifier - fast reacting, and most effective Hydrophobic & Chloride Screen Reduced moisture related staining
Same densification technology as used on polished concrete floors Silane/siloxane chemistry to repel water and chloride Increased impact resistance and surface durability

Other Considerations

  • Oil based stains can still penetrate, but have reduced effects because of density increase
  • Better than conventional silane/siloxanes as C2 Public significantly improves long term durability as well
  • Trafficable after 24 hours
  • Can be applied to 'green' concrete
  • Can be applied 4-35 degrees
  • Treated surface breathe and do not trap moisture
  • Not suitable for constantly wet environments
  • In coastal areas will reduce rebar corrosion and surface spalling


Proven testing

21 day chloride ingress test shows compelling performance: