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Concrete Sealers

Concrete Sealer

For the best products to seal your concrete, you've come to the right place - we have a something for every application, they are the best quality available, and have been developed in New Zealand for our unique and harsh conditions.

Why use a concrete sealer?

Sealers improve durability, reduce stain risk and make the concrete look great as well

After coating with a sealer the surface is transformed with a vibrant and smart finish. Because a barrier is formed the risk of staining is substantially reduced, plus organic matter is much less likely to grow.

All concrete should be sealed and while it will need some maintenance and re-coating over the years, the benefits in the appearance are well worth it.

Which Sealer?

Click on the links below to find the right sealer for your situation (at the next page click on the 'Choose Your Sealer' button on the right):

Concrete Sealers for patios

Patios & Paths

Concrete Sealers for Drives


Concrete Sealers for floors


Concrete Sealers for Pool Surrounds

Pool Surrounds

Concrete Sealers for commercial space


Concrete Sealers for public spaces

Public Spaces

Concrete Sealers for Walls


DIY How to videos

Watch how to apply two of our most common sealers, PFL Glaze Sealer & PFL Acrylic Sealer

Our Sealers and the Environment

EnviroSpec is a NZ consultancy that specializes in environmental specification and certification programmes. Following independent laboratory testing, EnviroSpec has verified the performance of two of our sealing products, PFL Acrylic Sealer & PFL Epoxy Sealer - they are low VOC and compliant with Green Star NZ and Homestar requirements for applied coatings.

Envirospec specialist environmental specification consultancy

For further details about each of these products, Green Star NZ / Homestar compliance and to download relevant documentation from the EnviroSpec website, click on the relevant product link above.


It is important to be aware that from time to time, some concrete surfaces can have high or low points that do not seal completely and measling may occur - spots may appear when it wet and then disapper when dry. More about this in the Things You Should Know section.

Escape Paths - Peter Fell Sealers satisfy NZBC C/AS2-AS6 Critical Flux requirements

PFL Glaze Sealer, PFL Satin Sealer and PFL Epoxy Sealer from PeterFell have been tested to ISO 9239.1 and achieve the minimum critical radiant flux requirements of NZBC C/AS2-AS6, Flooring 4.17.3, Table 4.2. More here.

This means these sealers are suitable for use in Escape Paths



Purchasing? To purchase direct, simply click on the product required from the selection below, and we will courier them to you - high quality products at a great price direct to your door.

Application, DIY? Any competent handy person can apply these products, except for the C2 range, and you can buy these direct from us (see each product below), or have a reputable contractor do it for you.

Process? Prior to sealing a Surface Preparation process must be followed followed by two coats of the appropriate sealer (sometimes more if the concrete is very porous).

Testpots? Yes we can send you testpots to help decide which sealer you want - see each product below for more

Coloured Sealer? Yes we have a range of Tinted Sealers

Durability and recoating? Sealers should last 3-5 years depending on traffic wear, and exposure to UV. These two components wear the surface and reduce the layer thickness. Recoating is straightforward.

Walls? Precast or insitu walls can be sealed with any of our range.

Block walls? None of our sealers are suitable for waterproofing block walls, but can be used to add gloss.

Need Coverseal? All sealed internal floors should utilise PFL Coverseal for much enhanced performance. Note Coverseal is used over concrete sealers, not by itself.

PFL Glaze Sealer

PFL Satin Sealer

PFL Acrylic Sealer

PFL Epoxy Sealer

PFL Natural Sealer

PFL Glaze Concrete Sealer solvent based acrylic

PFL Acrylic Sealer
PFL Epoxy Concrete Sealer two pot water based epoxy PFL Natural Sealer impregnating concrete sealer
For: Patios, Paths, Drives, Floors, Pool Surrounds, Light Commercial Patios, Paths, Drives, Floors, Pool Surrounds, Light Commercial Patios, Paths, Floors, and Pool Surrounds (NOT Drives) Internal Floors Patios, Paths, Drives, Public Spaces


High solids solvent based acrylic

High solids solvent based acrylic

High solids water based acrylic

Water-based 1:1 epoxy

Silane/Siloxane in a mineral spirit carrier


Wet look coating;
Natural look if a primer used

Wet look coating,
with a satin finish

Natural coating

Natural coating with slight wetting effect

Natural impregnating, no high build coating


Fumes can be powerful when used inside - good ventilation is essential

Fumes can be powerful when used inside - good ventilation is essential

Cannot be used on driveways or garages

Cannot be used with PFL Anti-Slip

Cannot be used outside Not a coating so does not form a barrier to oil based substances

Product Guides

PFL Acrylic Sealer

PFL Acrylic Sealer A no-VOC, high-solids water-based acrylic with a natural look, for interior and exterior use (but not on... read more »

Made in New Zealand Enviro Spec


PFL Coverseal

PFL Coverseal We recommend that all internal floors be treated with PFL Coverseal for enhanced appearance, durability and... read more »


PFL Epoxy Sealer

PFL Epoxy Sealer A new generation, no VOC, fast curing, water-based, 1:1 epoxy providing a coating with increased durability... read more »

Made in New Zealand Enviro Spec


PFL Glaze Sealer

PFL Glaze Sealer A superior solvent based acrylic coating for interior and exterior use, giving a 'wet look'. This very... read more »

Made in New Zealand


PFL Natural Sealer

PFL Natural Sealer PFL Natural Sealer is a penetrating sealer for use on external concrete surfaces where a natural finish is... read more »

Made in New Zealand


PFL Satin Sealer

PFL Satin Sealer PFL Satin Sealer provides the same wet look and durability as the PFL Glaze but with a satin finish, and is... read more »

Made in New Zealand