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Tinted Sealers

Available in both Glaze and Satin finishes, PFL Tinted Sealers are available in 16 colours designed specifically to rejuvenate old concrete, especially to hide unwanted visual problems such as staining or pinto concrete.

Black tinted sealer driveway

They are suitabled for DIY, and are easily applied with roller or broom, and are also cost effective.

They are a coating, so while the texture of the concrete below can be seen, the colour tends to be uniform much like a paint, so the natural patina of the colour is covered.

Risks with old concrete: It should be noted that contamination of old concrete, such as from oil from engines, grease around a barbecue, sap from trees, or old sealers, can affect the bond between the concrete and the Tinted Sealer and so longevity. A thorough clean is recommended to minimise this risk, but this risk may endure.

We recommend doing a test patch with test pots if there are any doubts.


Cost? The material cost for the products are under $10 per sq m, or if you pay a contractor to do it it will be around $25-35 per sq m.

Samples? Around the country there are number of sample boxes -please contact us and we will advise where

Longevity? On clean unsealed concrete, the first coat soaks into the surface, drawing the pigment with it. The second and subsequent coats develop the high build coating. Over time the coating will wear with traffic and UV, but colour should remain as it has been drawn into the concrete. We would expect for most domestic situations the sealer will need recoating every 3-5 years. One of our own staff had PFL Tinted Sealer on their drive for five years, and even then with children, two cars and Auckland climate, the colour was still intact and the concrete still well protected - they only re-sealed because they were selling.

On concrete that has been previously sealed, we recommend using the PFL Surface Conditioner to promote a good bond. Because the colour cannot be drawn into the concrete, it may not last as long.

Case studies

tinted sealer before and after This slab was suffering from Pinto and the owner wanted it gone so utilised the Charcoal Tinted Sealer
Patio with cream tinted sealer This coloured patio had to be fixed up and the colour did not match up. The owner did not want patchy coloured concrete so the Cream Tinted Sealer was used to rejuvenate and lighten the space.
tinted sealer floor

This floor was worn and stained and plain coloured. it was given a new lease of life with a Mustard Tinted Sealer

See more pics in our Case Study

Colour Range

PFL Tinted Sealer, Satin

PFL Tinted Sealer, Satin Tinted Sealers offer the durability of a a regular concrete sealer, with colour to hide any marks or to give... read more »

Made in New Zealand


PFL Tinted Sealer, Glaze

PFL Tinted Sealer, Glaze Tinted Sealers offer the durability of a a regular concrete sealer, with colour to hide any marks or to give... read more »

Made in New Zealand