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White Cement

Peter Fell have a strategic partnership with Aalborg White to supply the whitest and strongest cement available in New Zealand. Aalborg is Danish company and is the largest producer of White Cement in the world, and the product we sell comes from the newest factory in Malaysia.

White: Aalborg White is the whitest cement available in NZ and this colour is consistently the best, as it is made in a modern factory with a very pure source of raw material.

Strong: In the past the white cements available in NZ were weaker than the local cements and so more cement was required when mixing. Aalborg is slightly stronger than both Golden Bay and Holcim so there is no need to change mixes - just substitute it one to one.

Consistent: Being produced in a modern factory to Danish production standards means the consistency of colour and strength is unrivalled.

A 20kg is only $15.50 plus GST and Freight, and you can order by clicking on the product link below.

Product Guide

Aalborg White Cement

Aalborg White Cement Best white and best strength! Aalborg have a reputation for producing the best white cement in th world... read more »