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C2 Clean

C2 Clean

C2 Clean™ is the "next generation" product for cleaning and degreasing light-to-heavy soiled concrete, tile, masonry and much more. C2 Clean™ is powerful enough for industrial use, flexible enough for jobs around the home and can replace a multitude of individual cleaning products.

For domestic floors simply mop on with a squeegee or microfibre, or for commercial floors it can be used with an autoscrubber.

C2 Clean C2 Maintain
Commercial floors Daily Weekly
Domestic floors Weekly Monthly

C2 Clean Product Guide
Size Weight Price
20L 20.2 kg $250.00
5L 5.1 kg $68.70
2L 2.1 kg $33.91
1L 1.1 kg $20.87
120ml 0.125 kg $6.96