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C2 Maintenance

C2 Maintenance

C2 Maintenance™ is a proprietary concentrated lithium based cleaner designed specifically for use on concrete floors that were treated with C2 Super Hard™, C2 Hard™ or C2 Seal™.

This product contains a lithium silicate hardener-densifier that helps maintain concrete hardness by curing any "soft" calcium hydroxide left over from the original densifying treatment.

The unique blend of detergents and degreasers removes most ordinary dirt found on concrete floors. It is perfect for use on all indoor applications ranging from retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing plants to shopping malls, hospitals, schools and restaurants and many more.

C2 Clean C2 Maintenance
Commercial floors Daily Weekly
Domestic floors Weekly Monthly

C2 Maintenance Product Guide
Size Weight Price
20L 20.2 kg $300.00
5L 5.1 kg $77.39
2L 2.1 kg $38.26
1L 1.1 kg $25.22
120ml 0.125 kg $6.96