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PFL Acid Gel (2.5, 5 or 10%)

PFL Acid Gel (2.5, 5 or 10%)

For controlled etching on sloped or vertical surfaces look no further than PFL Acid Gel.

Once applied it simply doesn't flow like normal acid so there is little risk of over-etching places such as dish drains, the lower end of a slope, or for streaks on vertical panels.

Not for use on every job but it provides a range of features to ensure it should be carried by all competent concrete contractors:

  • available in 2.5%, 5% & 10% strengths for light, medium and heavy etching
  • will not flow down a slope, not even vertical
  • use in the same way as conventional acid etching products ie apply. allow 5 mins to work, then rinse with PFL Neutraliser and Cleaner followed by water.
  • costs approximately $1 per square metre

The different strengths roughly relate to the typical strengths used with normal etching products - but it is by no means definitive so please always test on a small area first.

NB Always wear full Personal Protective Equipment when using the product

Acid Gel Aplication

Made in New Zealand
PFL Acid Gel Product Guide
Size Weight Price
Test pot 0.5 kg $6.96
1L 1.1 kg $12.00
2L 2.2 kg $17.00
5L 5.5 kg $38.00
10L 11 kg $72.00
20L 21 kg $106.00