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PFL Acrylic Sealer

PFL Acrylic Sealer

A no-VOC, high-solids water-based acrylic with a natural look, for interior and exterior use (but not on driveways or garages). Very popular for use indoors and it gives a softer look and feel compared to the PFL Glaze sealer.

Being a water-based acrylic means it gives a natural look when compared to the wet look of the PFL Glaze sealer. It also doesn't have the smell issue of the PFL Glaze either.

On highly polished honed or ground floors, the PFL Acrylic Sealer may struggle to adhere well, due to the lack of a good mechanical bond.

DIY How to videos

Watch how to apply two of most common sealers

How much will I need?

The following estimates are offered in good faith but the final quantity may be be more or less depending on the concrete. They are conservative numbers, not because we are trying to sell more, but because most clients don't want to have to order twice

Concrete Area
Required PFL Acrylic Sealer
Required Packaging
10 2 1 x 2L
20 4 2x 2L
30 6 3 x 2L
40 10 1 x 10L
50 10 1 x 10L
60 12 1 x 10L, 1x2L
70 15 1 x 10L, 1 x 5L
80 20 1 x 20L
90 20 1 x 20L
100 20 1 x 20L
120 25 1 x 20L, 1 x 5L
140 30 1 x 20L, 1 x 10L
160 32 1 x 20L, 1 x 10L, 1 x 2L
180 35 1 x 20L, 1 x 10L, 1 x 5L
200 40 2 x 20L

Packaging and Retail Pricing

The following prices exclude GST and freight, with both being calculated in the next step.

Made in New Zealand Enviro Spec
Size Weight Price
Testpot 0.2 kg $13.04
1L 1.1 kg $40.00
2L 2.2 kg $60.00
5L 5.5 kg $120.00
10L 11 kg $220.00
20L 22 kg $400.00