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PFL Algaecide

PFL Algaecide

Moss, lichen and algae can be removed from concrete surfaces using PFL Algaecide. PFL Algaecide is designed to kill moss, lichen, and algae, making it a more effective method of removing these contaminants than water blasting or cleaning alone. In targeting these organisms directly, it will also delay their return, reducing ongoing maintenance.

While PFL Algaecide is designed to eliminate living moss, lichen and algae, it will NOT remove dead organisms. These are generally distinguishable as black surface contamination (as opposed to green contamination characteristic of living organism), and can only be removed by water blasting or cleaning as described above.

How much will I need?

The smallest size we currently sell of the PFL Algaecide is 5L

The following estimates are offered in good faith but the final quantity may be be more or less depending on the concrete. They are conservative numbers, not because we are trying to sell more, but because most clients don't want to have to order twice.

Also note it is often easier to buy a single unit than the two smaller ones and so we have put in the cheapest options.

Concrete Area
Required PFL Algaecide
Required Packaging
10 5 1 x 5L
20 5 1 x 5L
30 5 1 x 5L
40 5 1 x 5L
50 5 1 x 5L
60 10 1 x 10L
70 10 1 x 10L
80 10 1 x 10L
90 10 1 x 10L
100 10 1 x 10L
120 20 1 x 20L
140 20 1 x 20L
160 20 1 x 20L
180 20 1 x 20L
200 20 1 x 20L

Packaging and Retail Pricing

The following prices exclude GST and freight, with both being calculated in the next step.

Made in New Zealand
PFL Algaecide Product Guide
Size Weight Price
5L 5.5 kg $80.00
10L 11 kg $150.00
20L 22 kg $280.00