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PFL Anti-Graffiti Sealer

PFL Anti-Graffiti Sealer

Low sheen is the preferred finish for walls, and this is a key feature of this product that has been specifically designed to be market leading for both applicator and client:

  • low sheen
  • water-based, low VOC
  • fast and easy to apply, very user friendly
  • made in NZ
  • any graffiti removed using PFL Graffiti Remover, together with a rag or waterblaster

PFL Anti-Graffiti Sealer forms a clear coating that protects the surface from a variety of spray enamels and felt pens. Following attack, the graffiti is easily removed with PFL Graffiti Remover and the surface is resealed with two coats to restore protection. If applied correctly, PFL Anti-Graffiti Sealer can remain effective for up to 10 years.

PFLK Anti-Graffiti PFL Anti Graffiti

PFL Anti-Graffiti Sealer is low VOC, environmentally and user friendly. This product was developed and is manufactured in New Zealand.

Case Study

Pak N'Save Ormiston is protected with 900 sq m of the PFL Anti-Graffiti Sealer, and you can barely tell due to the matt finish.

See more pictures in our Case Study

Made in New Zealand
PFL Anti-Graffiti Product Guide
Size Weight Price
5 5.1 kg $195.00
20 20.2 kg $650.00