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PFL Anti-Slip

PFL Anti-Slip

PFL Anti-Slip can be added to PFL Glaze Sealer to improve slip resistance where it is a concern. But it should be noted that slip resistance is best acheieved utilising surface texture in the concrete - if the surface is too smooth the PFL Anti-Slip will do little.

Further, pooled water is a problem for slip whatever the surface and caution should always be taken, eg around swimming pools.

How much will I need?

The PFL Anti-Slip packages are designed to suit our Sealer sizes

Sealer Size Anti-Slip required
1L 14g
2L 28g
5L 70g
10L 140g
20L 280g

Packaging and Retail Pricing

The following prices exclude GST and freight, with both being calculated in the next step.

Size Weight Price
14g 0.154 kg $3.50
28g 0.308 kg $4.70
70g 0.770 kg $8.35
140g 0.154 kg $10.10
280g 0.308 kg $19.00