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PFL Ovaboard HD

PFL Ovaboard HD

PFL Ovaboard HD is used during construction and allows new interior concrete floors to dry while simultaneously being protected from staining. The key selling points are that it:

  • has a spill guard so resists fluid damage
  • helps to achieve more even curing
  • helps prevent impact damage
  • is installed easily and quickly
  • lays flat so is a reduced trip hazard

It must be used in conjunction with PFL Breathable Tape and together they allow moisture to pass through, therefore minimising the later risk of moisture contamination of sealers.

After concrete floor is poured it is kept wet for 3-7 days to minimise crack risk and ensure the hardest and most durable surface. But at the end of the construction process it must be dry and ready to receive sealer, and that drying must occur during construction.

Our recommended process is then:

  • Keep slab wet for 3-5 days
  • Allow to surface dry if possible
  • Protect concrete with polythene layed flat on the surface with no bubbles until the building is enclosed (ie roof, cladding and windows installed)
  • Remove polythene
  • Lay PFL Ovaboard HD, butt jointed with PFL Breathable Tape (do not overlay joints)
  • Remove a week before sealing to ensure fully dry

The sheets measure roughly 1m wide and 30 m long (actually 96.5cm), and cover 29.4 sq m.

PFL Ovaboard Product Guide
Size Weight Price
1 15 kg $266.00