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PFL Satin Sealer

PFL Satin Sealer

PFL Satin Sealer provides the same wet look and durability as the PFL Glaze but with a satin finish, and is suitable for use on all interior and exterior spaces.

Satin sealer

The photo above shows a concrete sample sealed with the PFL Satin Sealer on the left hand side compared to the PFL Glaze Sealer on the right hand side, and the difference in gloss is obvious. Otherwise it is similar to the PFL Glaze as it is a superior solvent based acrylic coating for interior and exterior use, and contains high solids of a very high quality resin that ensures a thick coating for long term durability.

PFL Satin Sealer can be used together with PFL Anti-Slip to improve slip resistance where it is a concern. But it should be noted that slip resistance is best achieved utilising surface texture in the concrete - if the surface is too smooth the PFL Anti-Slip will do little. Further, pooled water is a problem for slip whatever the surface and caution should always be taken, eg around swimming pools.

When considering using this indoors, note that the pungent smell can linger if adequate ventilation not present - always ensure good airflow when coating. It will pass eventually but for this reason many people choose the PFL Acrylic or PFL Epoxy.

Escape Paths - Peter Fell Sealers satisfy NZBC C/AS2-AS6 Critical Flux requirements

PFL Satin Sealer has been tested to ISO 9239.1 and achieves the minimum critical radiant flux requirements of NZBC C/AS2-AS6, Flooring 4.17.3, Table 4.2. More here.

This means PFL Satin Sealer can be used for Escape Paths.


How much will I need?

The following estimates are offered in good faith but the final quantity may be be more or less depending on the concrete. They are conservative numbers, not because we are trying to sell more, but because most clients don't want to have to order twice.

Also note it is often easier to buy a single unit than the two smaller ones (eg buying 1x20L is cheaper than buying a 1x10L & 1x5L), and we so have put in the cheapest options. Any excess can be kept or used to apply a third coat

Concrete Area
Required PFL Glaze Sealer
Required Packaging
10 4 2 x 2L
20 7 1 x5L, 1x 2L
30 10 1 x 10L
40 20 1 x 20L
50 20 1 x 20L
60 20 1 x 20L
70 25 1 x 20L, 1 x 5L
80 30 1 x 20L, 1 x 10L
90 30 1 x 20L, 1 x 10L
100 40 2 x 20L
120 40 2 x 20L
140 50 2 x 20L, 1 x 10L
160 60 3 x 20L
180 60 3 x 20L
200 70 3 x 20L, 1 x 10L

Packaging and Retail Pricing

The following prices exclude GST and freight, with both being calculated in the next step.

Made in New Zealand
Size Weight Price
Test Pot 0.2 kg $6.96
1L 1.1 kg $28.00
2L 2.2 kg $40.00
5L 5.5 kg $95.00
10L 11 kg $170.00
20L 21 kg $270.00