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Primer and Sealer

Primer and Sealer

A two-in-one product, the Primer and Clear Sealer first prepares the surface of your piece for metallic surfacing then protects the finish created.


Must prime: highly polished or slick surfaces such as glass, plastic, pvc pipe and rubber.
Highly recommend priming: old painted surfaces, metal, and other surfaces where adhesion of the metallic surfacer would be enhanced by the application of a primer.
Consider priming: unpainted wood, concrete, plaster, paper mache and other absorbent or unfinished surfaces.

NOTE: This primer is not a rust inhibitive primer. When you are applying one of our metallic surfaces on iron or steel and do not want the underlying surface to rust you should apply a quality rust inhibiting primer. Our Antiquing Solutions will work their way down through our various metallic surfaces and cause iron and steel to rust if a rust inhibiting primer has not been applied. If you apply a solvent base primer you should wait at least 24 hours before then applying our water base metallic surfacers.


Our metallic surfacers are exterior quality and while sealing them adds an additional level of durability strictly speaking sealing is not necessary.

However, because our Patina Antiquing Solutions create a natural finish, they may stain surfaces that receive water run-off or may rub off onto skin or clothing. You may wish to seal surfaces such as furniture, roofs, gutters or other surfaces that come in contact with water or clothing. The sealer will affect the color and texture of patina and rust finishes. Always test to ensure the color change that takes place by sealing the surface is acceptable.


Sophisticated Finishes Guide
Size Weight Price
118ml (4oz) 0.3 kg $21.74
236ml (8oz) 0.4 kg $39.13
472ml (16oz) 0.6 kg $60.87
946ml (32oz) 1.2 kg $95.65