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Rejuvenate - bring your concrete back to life

No matter how old and dirty your drive, patio or floor, we have some well proven solutions for you. Rejuvenate your drives, patios, paths, or floors with our range of high quality proven cleaning and sealing products. Old concrete is generally dirty and stained, and it may need only a clean and seal to bring it back to its best, or hone and a seal could give you a new surface, or a tinted sealer could introduce some colour.

You can do this yourself and buy the cleaning and sealing products direct from us, or have a reputable contractor do it for you.

Please note though that there are some risks to rejuvenating old concrete if you decide to seal. There is a chance that the surface is contaminated or has the remnants of an existing coating, and any new surface coating may not stick. See the last page of our Rejuvenate Your Concrete Brochure for more about this and how to manage and mitigate it.

There are four rejuvenations options

After cleaning the concrete an assessment of the condition will decide the best option for that particular surface.
The four rejuvenations options use one or more of our cleaning and maintenance products.

A. Clean

This is the simplest and easiest way to rejuvenate concrete, and can be carried out by any competent DIYer. Products used are one or more of:
PFL Algaecide
PFL Stain Remover
PFL Bio Active Oil Remover
PFL Concrete Cleaner

B. Clean and Seal

We recommend that all concrete should be sealed to provide shine and lustre and to protect the concrete from marking and staining. Clean the concrete as described in 'A', then apply PFL Surface Conditioner (if there is existing sealer) then seal the surface with the appropriate sealer (view finishing options for in our Inspriation section). Products used: PFL Surface Conditioner, then Appropriate Concrete Sealers.

Note that there are some risks with resealing which we explain in the document below.

C. Create a New Surface and Seal

The surface of the existing concrete can be altered to give a different look and feel using heavy acid etching to create a sandstone look or honing and then sealing to create texture by revealing the aggregate profile. Seal the surface with the appropriate finishing options for paths & patios, drives, swimming pool surrounds and internal floors. Products Used: Surface Preparations, Sealers or Tinted Sealers.

D. Tinted Sealers

A tinted sealer provides all the long-lasting benefits of concrete sealer, but with colour. Tinted Sealer is a coating - but the colour is not as solid as a paint so it retains a slight degree of the natural look of the concrete. There are 9 colours, and test pots are available for a small fee. View the range of Tinted Sealers.

+ Create a new pattern - finishing option for A, B, C and D

Create a whole new look by cutting a pattern into the surface. The concrete can be cut into any pattern to give the effect of large flagstones, diamonds or tiles. See the relevant section for more on this Paths & Patios, Drives, Pool Surrounds and Internal floors.

Download our guide to rejuvenating old concrete