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New concrete building design tools and ideas

Smarter Homes, NZ
NZ Govt funded website giving independent advice.

Concrete 3
NZ Concrete industry initiative promoting the sustainability benefits of concrete.

Concrete Thinker, US
A resource to help design professionals make sustainable design a reality through the durability, versatility and energy performance of concrete.

Portland Cement Association, USA
US Industry funded and very thorough.

Concrete Home Magaine, USA

Concrete Homes Council, USA

Sustainable Concrete, UK
The website is designed to inform and assist those interested in knowing more about concrete, its sustainability and how it can be used in sustainable design and construction.

CCCA, Australia
The Australian Cement Concrete & Aggregates body has some excellent Tools such as The Briefing, Best practice advice on topics such as Passive Solar design, Concrete Heating in Floors, Colour and Texture in Walls, Exposed Flatwork, etc

Architecture design ideas in Concrete

opus C
Concrete Architecture & Design is the international journal for concrete architecture and design. opusC is published bimonthly with over 22.000 copies worldwide. (CCANZ has copies of the magazine available to loan from their library in Wellington.) See some sample images from the magazine.

C+A, Australia
Architects Magazine from Cement & Concrete Association of Australia - great stuff

Concrete Quarterly, UK
The British Cement & Concrete Association Magazine can be downloaded in full here (back to 1947!)

Coloured Concrete Works, Germany
Lanxess (our pigment supplier) has an design initiative website

Landscape Architecture Design Ideas with Concrete

CCCA, Australia
The Australian Cement, Concrete & Aggregates publishes a design ideas newsletter 3 or 4 times a year, view back issues here:

Good concrete practice

New Zealand Concrete Society
The objects of the Society shall be to encourage a greater knowledge and understanding of all aspects
of structural and architectural concrete and to support their development and use where appropriate.

New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association
The New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NZRMCA) strives to promote, aid, foster, research,
develop and protect the interests of the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry within New Zealand.

New Zealand Cement and Concrete Association

New Zeland Master Concrete Placers Association
The industry body has some good info.