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Why Peter Fell?

Quality. Quality. Quality. Without doubt our system is the best on the market, and here's why:

Best Colour

Our rich, deep colours are created right here in New Zealand using a blend of German-crafted Bayferrox® pigments in a concentrated liquid.

Our colours are richer and more intense as they contain more pigment than any other system on the market - up to three times more. The PeterFell System Special colours uses a liquid system typically dosed at 12kg of oxide per cubic metre (and our Premium range is double that). Most of our competitors typically dose at 5 - 10kg per metre, meaning they are cheaper but you get what you pay for - less colour and so a washed out and weaker appearance.

Bayferrox is the pigment brand of the German company Lanxess who invented the iron oxide pigment business and who have been market leader for the subsequent 70 years. We are the NZ Distributor of Lanxess pigments.

Introduction to Lanxess: How our iron oxides are made:

Lanxess are the only major pigment manufacturer who make everything they sell, ensuring unrivalled consistency and quality plus all their manufacturing sites are both ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified . All other suppliers in NZ use blended products from a variety of sources, and so have colour consistency issues.

Bayferrox iron oxides have a proven long term colour performance as you can see here in a twenty year colour fastness test.

Colour Fastness test

Our liquid system ensures better colour distribution as powder pigments have a natural tendency to clump, like flour, so with all non-liquid systems there is a risk of colour variation due to insufficient mixing. Imported powder systems may be cheaper but they have been packed months ago and so come with more than a few risks - soluble bags that don't dissolve, lumps, lack of mixing, and colour variation batch to batch.

Plus, every order is custom made in our Auckland factory, with a sample of every order kept so we know exactly what was sent - quality assurance you can depend on. While the raw materials are supplied by the German company Bayferrox, all blending, processing and packaging is done here in NZ, keeping your country working.

Best System

The PeterFell System utilises products designed to market leading performance standards - such as our range of sealers designed for maximum durability in New Zealand's demanding conditions.

We have carefully assessed and chosen the best-in-class products that we can find, prefering NZ made products wherever possible. We are fiercely proud of our wonderful country and support local business wherever we can.

Our sealers are of the highest quality. Both the PFL Acrylic, Glaze, and Satin Sealers have the highest solids content possible, resulting in a thick and long lasting film. It is easy to make a cheap sealer by simply reducing the solids content and using an inferior quality resin - and they all look the same when they are down on the ground.

At Peter Fell Ltd we use only the best materials that we can source - so you can be assured of a long lasting solution

Best Service

We have been providing coloured concrete solutions since 1991 and are happy to share this experience to ensure the best possible result for your project.

Our staff know their concrete, are very experienced and can answer whatever question you may have. We field thousands of phone calls each month and talk through with customers, contractors, builders, architects, interior designers, landscapers and the public to ensure each and every project goes as well as can be. We will always take the time to listen and to answer whatever question you may have to ensure you absolutely understand everything about getting the best result you can.

So don't be swayed by cheaper options

In a typical project, to use our system may cost marginally more, but it's not much - ensure you contractor only uses genuine Peter Fell products.